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ON Back Down
Launch This Month!
Sucide My Self
AMEL D's Song from the 2nd single album CROSS TO HELL will coming! Finally!


 AMEL D is an Alternative Rock Singer, Song Writer. Her Music career was started with ‘REVIVED’ (Single Album, 2018) with a song: Moon Inlite (Alternative), Afterbreath (Nu-Metal), Parasite (Punk-Rock), Inside Destruction (Power Rock), Black Revenge (Metal). She was confirmed of this Album is a compilation of searching for her Genre Identity.

 CROSS TO HELL (2ND Album, 2020) with a song; I’m Your Rain, Whoop It Up, Destroyer, Slay Away, Hype of The Heaven,Notice Me, Notice Me, Sorry (Suicide Myself), Pride of Sacrifice, Phantom Forhead, Sky of You, The Droplet of Waterfall, My Dimension Collapsed, & Dear Blue (The Perfect Shadow).

 In fact, At first to start (2010), she was launched Single ‘To Be One’ (2010) Genre; Jazz. but don’t give an impaction & she was deleted from almost databases. Now sh e has changed all music Metadata and focus to be a Rock Singer

 She leads on her Music as Independent Team, but sure to chance her career solo with Major Label soon.