Her favorites perfume is always Tous from Spanish Jawelry houses. She said the caracter of this colonge so reflecting herself. consisting masculine & feminine. she

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She was tattooed her hand with her name and so initial CTH in below. It confirmed at symbol of her 2ND single album, #CrossToHell (2020). Cross To

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Strawberry Smoothies Fruit Organic


Strawberry Mint Smoothies always be 1st favorites drink. it confirmed on her Instagram Stories

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High Platform Sneakers (Color WHITE) as always on her daily used. She prefers this style than others.

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Eye Macro Vision Human Iris Woman

her eye

Her real eye color is Brown with very small diameter (13.6mm). But daily, she used softlenses anytime for her confidence.

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Milk Carton Milk Carton Dairy

pure milk

Pure Milk before singing. Some singer might had a way to makesure their extra performance. D always picked and sometimes it must ready on her

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She will getting mad & really bored if any someone asked about her families life. For her, its so secreet and she might disposed die

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