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Now all Merchandises of AMEL D Can ordered from wherever places, Wherever you are! Check this out and contact us!

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Payment Method

Because we just started our Worldwide shipping method, now we just available on Paypal. Make sure that you send to our artist Official Paypal Account only, and beware of any defrauds.

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Just becareful before order. Make sure you contact us for your easy way. Please aware about: We are never choose other Payment method except; Paypal. Be aware from any frauds. We are never share and always keep our Customer data as a Private. We are never share our Customer names, addresses, contacts, and payment activities. Your package will packaged best as we can. We will secure all forms of material that is easily broken during shipping, But please add extra safety additionals method at your preferred shipping vendor before you calculated final shipping price. Shipping time delivery is not our responsibility, please do not submit periodic complaints; unless there is an urgent delivery issues. Any kind of loss is not our responsibility. Please choose a shipping vendor that you trust, if some of the vendors on the menu above you are not used to, please contact us to discuss. Currently, we are still using the manual method to confirm payment and delivery. We process as quickly as possible for future automatic method. Our shipments come from Indonesia, you can check with your trusted shipping vendor to check the calculations from our country. Delivery from our Studio to the vendor takes 1-2 days, due to differences and changes in time (GMT+7), also Paypal time conversion. However, we will try our best to quickly send your order.

We will use all of our total monthly sales for Charity programs, as well as music-making programs in the future.